Meteorite Asia Enterprises Pte Ltd is a high growth company and a technology innovation leader in Asia. We focus on the cutting edge of technology, with investments and projects with an emphasis of collaboration with renowned companies in Asia.

Started in 2015, Meteorite Asia Enterprises have grown from its humble roots in Singapore to embrace the Asia market. As a technology provider and enabler, we believe in creating and getting technology to help social problems, people issues, business productivity and others.

In 2016, our focus is on web platforms and app platforms, to improve the lives of people and the fortunes of companies. In 2016 alone, we have helped more than 100 companies and institutions on their website/mobile app/hosting projects. At the same time, we have created multiple platforms that allows people to easily use and improve their lives. You may be interested in rare artifacts, rare items, courses, real estate, productivity enhancements, which our platforms offers.

Our clients range from private institutions to government institutions, from the humble SME to the mega corporations. Our mission is to provide high quality services at affordable prices, and we focus on customer service. We mostly rely on customer referrals instead of hunting for new business, because we believe that if we treat people well and with integrity, our clients will refer business to us naturally.

Not one to rest on our laurels, Meteorite Enterprises have big plans to start in 2017 to explore new frontiers. With wide ranging interests in robotics, virtual reality, online streaming services and new gaming developments, we are moving ahead of our competitors to gain a foothold in Asia.

For robotics technology, we are working with Softbank robotics to explore the opportunity of introducing robots that can help alleviate the manpower shortage issues in many industries, such as F&B, healthcare, logistics, customer services etc.

For virtual reality technology, we are Microsoft approved beta developers for the HoloLens since 2016, which is limited to a select group of elite developers that are permitted to use the Mircosoft SDK for beta developments. Industries that may benefit from virtual reality are real estate, showrooms, gaming and front line operations.

For online streaming services, we are building our own platform for people to stream their own contents online which focus on sports and life events. This is more focused towards public usage for now.

For new gaming development, we are recruiting talented game designers and illustrators, to create next gen games with emphasis on interactivity among gamers.