At Meteorite Enterprises, we believe strongly in giving back to the community. Every year, we will support at least 2 CSR projects performed free of charge to the community at large. Our company believe that giving is more blessed than receiving and that you need to give in order to receive more.

The following projects / initiatives are completed with the community in mind. We thank all participants and volunteers who have helped to make the projects successful. It's definitely not our own efforts alone.

Vagus Strike

Vagus Strike is an educational self defense website created as part of our company's CSR efforts in 2016. Vagus Strike is written by a retired marine soldier who have served in multiple tours and encountered real life-and-death situation who wished to stay anonymous. It is our honor to publish one of his self defense technique to the world, with the hopes that the innocent will be able to defend themselves against attacks.

Launched: 2016

Supported Till: Infinite


PokeChallenge is a community site to provide a fun and interesting place for Pokemon Go players to challenge themselves while playing the game with others, increasing fun and social interactions. We issue Pokemon Go related challenges (PokeChallenges) for players to complete and win prizes in.

Launched: 2016

Supported Till: 2017